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In the occasion of web hosting in Punjab that you are looking for the mainly outstanding web hosting AMRITSAR for your construction then look no further. We present incredible excellence for self-effacing and middling organizations needing to get on the web hosting AMRITSAR. Our surprisingly fast servers, solid innovation, thorough tactics, and low expenses have made Tezhost the selection of numerous web hosting in Punjab organizations crosswise over India. Tezhost tender web hosting in Punjab administrations accompanies committed specialized help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Server CPU RAM HDD Cost view detail
VPS 1       1 2 GB 20 GB Rs 716/- month
VPS 2       1 1 40 GB Rs 1432/- month
VPS 3       2 2 80 GB Rs 2863/- month
VPS 4       2 4 160 GB Rs 5727/- month
Server 1       2 16 GB Ram 120 GB SSD or 1 TB HDD Rs 7158/- month
Server 2      4 32 GB Ram 240 GB SSD & 2 TB HDD Rs 8590/- month
Server 3      4 32 GB Ram 4 TBsata 7200 rpm H,1 GBit/s-Port Rs 10,022/- month
Server 4      8 48 GB Ram 4 TBsata 7200 rpm H,480 GB SSD Rs 11,454/- month

Our Servers Features

Quick Response Times

Latency is a very important factor in slowness over the internet. Our aim is to provide you a server that is closer to you and your users. So that you get quick response from your server.

DNS Settings

DNS is a complicated topic for many users. Our staff can help you fix complex issues related to Domain registration and DNS resource records.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We have everything covered for you. Good server hardware, high speed internet and reliable power supply to ensure best possible uptime.

Technical Service

Round the clock technical service so that you have a piece of mind.


Our security experts can set up firewalls in such a efficient manner that it will secure server from all external threats.

Troubleshoot and Bug Fixing

Our technical team can help you troubleshoot problems, identify bugs and suggest solutions for their fixes.

Tezhost Guarantee

24/7/365 Support

24/7 Phone, chat, Tickets and email Support to help you solve problems quickly.

30 Day Guarantee

Thirty day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied you can get all your payment back.

99.9% Uptime

We have everything covered for you. Good server hardware, high speed internet and reliable power

Web Hosting Amritsar

Web Hosting AmritsarIndia as a big competitor in Asia working hard on its technology that’s why India’s IT industry is booming. Most of the multinational companies are working in India, taking services, and serving whole world from India’s platform. Due to less investment and maximum returns investors are investing on different sectors and India maximizing its revenue. All international brands and famous automobile manufacturers, clothsand accessories industries are working in India. To run business and organization properly and effective way they need advance features and servers, fastest SSD storage, economical packages and 24/7 support service

In Amritsar due to businesses and organizations working and demand all requirements are the same as other states in India. National and International web hosting companies are providing their services according to clients’ demands. Every client needs the maximum return in the form of services but due to different quality of services, they can’t get maximum mind satisfaction in services. We will see what are the requirements of clients and which web hosting service is best among good web hosting services.

Clients want multiple featured based web hosting service which fulfills their requirements and 24/7 help and support service. Best servers and SSD storage are the most required hardware which clients demand. Every client needs the best services with advanced latest available technology. So, in India companies are adopting and buying up to date apps and hardware to compete with other web hosting companies. Secure and protected web hosting company is the requirement of every client. By comparison, a client can get better web hosting service. In India all web hosting companies are working better but some companies are best in their services, advanced hardware, and apps. Tezhost is one of the best web hosting company which we have to check-in details below.

Tezhost Web Hosting in Amritsar

Why tezhost is best amongst other web hosting services in India Amritsar because they provide 24/7/365 support to chat, email, tickets, and phone to solve clients’ issues, Everyday backups clients websites that can be restored to as it is the state of yesterday within no time. Due to the auto-installer application, a new user can start a website by them. Tezhost team help guide enables or disables PHP extensions or any other features required by clients. Fast load time is one of the main features and great support 24/7/365 to solve issues is the priority of Tezhost. Tezhost servers contain Bare Metal Restore (BRM) Backups to prevent data loss. Linux operating system increased reliability and performance 99.9% uptime guarantee. Password protected directory and IP-blocking support Hotlink and leech protection included. Tezhost advance support includes Python 2.6, 2.7 & 3.4 with Apache FCGI, NodeJS with Ghost support, ImageMagick 6.9, CURL, Git, and much more. Site software one-click application manager is for installing, updating, and managing over 50 application packages. Tezhost shared plans to allow users to use software that others might limit: MySQL 5.5 and 5.6 supports with the composer in a suPHP secure environment. Ruby & Rails support through Phusion Passenger which provides increased reliability and security for Rails application. Tezhost web hosting packages are ideal for Linex and Windows. Packages are very economical and full of all required features. Discounts are available on all packages, promotional codes must have to apply which anybody can get on live chat at www.tezhost.com.

General Features:

Tezhost webhosting services provide general features for all clients availing any package are SSD Powered Hosting, Powered by cPanel (Linux), 99.9% Uptime, 30-Days Money Back Policy, Apache spam Assassin, Apache Handlers, PHP Selector, Mod Security, SSL/TLS, phpMyAdmin, Perl Modules, PHP 4.4 to 7, CGI Library, Leech Protection, JavaScript Support, DHTML Support, Flash Support, Shockwave Support and SSH Access.Tezhost support center provide all required and necessary help in the form of Email Support (support@tezhost.in), Live Chat, Call Center technical department (+44 161 818 8614), ( Hot Number +44 161 818 8614) and Support Ticket for technical and urgent demand.

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