User Support Policy of TezHost

TezHost is a brilliant web hosting company with elegant support services which is 24/7/365 for its users. We have multiple layers of sales and technical support services managed by our active and ready-to-work staff. The user support policy of TezHost consists of Phone support, Ticket Support, Technical support and chat support. Ticket support policy which is mostly for Technical and Billing support. While 24/7/365 chat support is mostly for sales where users and general public ask for sales information. Technical staff will join chat only in case of Technical knowledge and update, while users can only eligible to ask for technical support in chat or on Phone if their ticket isn’t updated in the last 6 to 12 hours in working days or wasn’t resolved in 24 hours in working days or need technical knowledge about their desired product/service. While other than working hours it may take 24 to 48 hours while exceptional cases in technical circumstances or other valid circumstances could take more time.
Chat Support:
On chat support, an agent will be bound to reply instantly in normal cases, if he is doing some task of client he should need to tell client that he is checking, while technical staff can be busy without reason as they may be doing multiple tasks at same time, but both sales and technical agents could only take maximum 5 minutes not more than that to respond to user on chat between answers or initially. “Chat support is only for sales” while users with technical issues can know about status of their ticket or why it wasn’t updated in given expected time. Only those issues will be resolved on chat instantly which need minor attention or least time to resolve but only with chat staff consent as if they are free or aren’t luckily busy. Technical staff will be bound to 15 to 30 minutes for information in chat. On chat if user will ask chat support staff to do something on their behalf(which can be done by user as well), it will sole responsibility of user if some mistake happens as it was user’s consent.
Phone Support:
Phone support includes Landline Phone support, mobile phone call support, SMS support, and Whatsapp support. Phone support is also for general inquiries which include urgent inquiry of Technical, Sales and Billing support. Landline Phone support service is only for urgent inquiry of sales, billing and technical information. Phone call support will mostly be done by staff’s official company numbers to clients in case of descriptive discussion on sales or technical aspects. This mobile phone call support will also be limited to 10 to 15 minutes of discussion maximum. SMS support service will be used in different scenarios where user can’t be directly reached and they will be brief and limited to some actionable updates without any description. Whatsapp support service could be used to communicate directly with sales or technical staff but in exceptional cases where phone support via call couldn’t possible or difficult or may need kind of information sharing which couldn’t be possible via Phone or SMS. If a user’s sales or technical issue is prolonged then Whatsapp support will also be used to communicate in a broader way with support service.
Technical Support:
Technical support includes Technical assistance related but not limited to Domains, web hosting, servers, Emails(Both Server-side and client-side), website code trouble-shooting, Database related issues, website migration, email migration, control panel or server migrations etc. We do provide free of cost migration service to new users in which we move their files, websites, databases or servers to our side but with responsibility and/or assistance of user or his developer. All technical support steps will be taken on user’s consent and responsibility as its user or his technical side’s who analyze and take decisions and as per our side, technical staff will only work as an executor. In auto-migration only open-source and widely used CMS based websites migration will be done[not custom-built(Frameworks included)] by our side without taking any responsibility. No manual migration means moving website or web application in different components(files, database and emails) will done, you will need to hire expert for that. If user’s website got broken, we only can guide, we will not fix user’s website as technical staff helping or migrating will only move files or resources of website with possible cautions in mind(according to technical staff understanding). Another aspect of website migration is that: we only do simple and automatic migrations which don’t need much development knowledge like control panels or CMS(content management system) migrations. Mostly backup and restore approach will be used for website migration. We may need authentication or credentials for migration, which user has to provide to avoid deadlock. Last but not least, our technical staff is for providing assistance in web hosting and domains not development, so if its a developer issue then user will be recommended to hire a developer(even for a small task), user will have to hire a developer. In emails support, we will provide support and resolve issues only at our server-side, which means webmail etc not at client-side. At client-side we only provide assistance in configurations of different email management applications not configure whole applications for users. Users need to hire technical staff for configurations of any such application at their side.
Ticket Support Policy:
Ticket support policy will be for resolving tickets under set of different rules. Tickets have two departments which includes Billing/Sales and Technical. All tickets will be replied or updated within 6 to 12 hours during working days and if they can’t be updated then user’s will be notified that their tickets are in process and work is in progress to resolve them. Other than working days tickets may take 24 to 48 hours as staff may not be present to process things though we always try to present even on holidays but its not guaranteed.